Angela Hasenei

Senior Account Manager
Angela Hasenei
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When Angie started working with us 23 years ago, she was too young to order a drink at our company holiday party! These days, however, she’s an employee benefits industry veteran and a major contributor to what makes Blue Harbor stand out from the rest.

Angie prides herself on possessing an intricate knowledge of the carrier plan designs of the many providers in the market today. She is our firm’s main liaison for rate comparisons and spreadsheet analysis, producing customized benefit presentations that make it easy for our clients to understand their options down to the last detail.

At renewal time, Angie makes the process easy for our clients. She stays on top of the calendar for deadlines and decisions and makes the arduous task of switching carriers appear quick and seamless.

Angie’s guidance and experience is critical in helping our clients move easily through the employee benefits implementation, enrollment, and renewal processes. She holds her Life and Health Insurance License and is also HIPAA and COBRA certified.

A native of Baltimore, Angie currently resides in Baltimore County, Maryland with her husband and two daughters.


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