Cindy Schulze

Customer Service Specialist
Michael Leonard
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With more than 18 years of Health and Benefits experience, Cindy’s specialties include customer care and billing reconciliation…plus she’s genius at problem-solving. Known for providing prompt and efficient service, she once earned an Employee of the Month award six times in the same year! 

Working alongside Blue Harbor Benefits Partner Lillian Milstead, Cindy and Lillian are known to their clients as “The Dream Team.” With their wealth of industry know-how, it’s easy to see why. 

Cindy holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Robert’s Wesleyan College. An avid dog lover, she volunteers at her local humane society shelter. Cindy is also active in her church as a member of both the Church Council and the Church Choir and spends her free time outdoors, kayaking, and playing with her puppies.

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